Introductory Service

Unveiling our Introductory Service – a year-long commitment with Corey that serves as a launchpad for your business’s ongoing growth.

For a modest investment of $500 per month, gain regular mentorship, privileged access to resources, and personalized attention designed to steer your brand towards its strategic goals.

1. Monthly One-on-One Calls

Enjoy a dedicated one-hour consultation with Corey every month, scheduled at your convenience, to review progress, address challenges, and plan for the future.

2. Comprehensive Onboarding Experience

Begin your journey with an in-depth onboarding session, setting a robust foundation for the succeeding year.

3. Quarterly Group Sessions

Engage in enlightening group sessions every quarter (if applicable), allowing for knowledge sharing, networking, and the acquisition of diverse business perspectives.

4. Access to Corey’s Network

Leverage Corey’s wide-reaching network and avail exclusive discounts on a variety of essential services and products for your brand’s advancement.

5. Unrestricted Communication

Reach out to Corey via text, email, or phone call whenever you need advice, clarification, or a discussion.

6. Guidance and Direction

With Corey’s expert oversight, ensure your brand and business stay true to their strategic path.


The Introductory Service is a strategic partnership, designed to maintain the momentum of your brand’s growth over a year, offering frequent interactions, strategic guidance, and a wealth of resources. It’s the perfect service for those seeking consistent support, in-depth insights, and access to invaluable resources, all for an accessible monthly fee. Begin your sustained growth journey with the Introductory Service today.