Annual Consulting Plan

Immerse yourself in a year-long voyage of growth and transformation with Corey’s 12-Month Consulting Plan.

This comprehensive package offers bi-weekly personalized meetings, continual guidance, and a VIP onboarding experience. Every session builds upon the last, ensuring that your marketing strategies are dynamic, adaptable, and always leading you in the right direction. Be it a start-up seeking to establish itself or a seasoned business aiming for a higher level of success, Corey’s year-long partnership is your key to sustained business growth.

1. 52-Week Journey

Engage in bi-weekly 1-hour sessions to chart a continuous growth path for your brand.

2. VIP Onboarding Experience

Begin your journey with a personalized, high-end onboarding experience to ensure you start off on the right foot.

3. Consistent Strategy Evolution

Receive continuous guidance to ensure your strategies are adapted and refined based on market trends.

4. 24/7 Access to Corey

Enjoy the privilege of reaching out to Corey anytime you need via call or text.

5. Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Leverage Corey’s network for unique networking opportunities, industry insights, and potential partnerships.

6. Adventure and Excursions

Depending on the level of connection, enjoy various trips or excursions with Corey for a more immersive consulting experience.

7. Tailored In-Person Meetings

Corey is happy to meet you at your preferred location, ensuring your comfort and convenience during each session.


The 12-Month Consulting Plan is a comprehensive, tailored program designed to steadily guide your business towards success. With Corey’s expertise and personalized guidance at your side throughout the year, your brand is set for an upward trajectory. This year-long journey promises consistent strategy evolution, exclusive networking opportunities, and the advantage of Corey’s constant availability. Immerse yourself in this transformative consulting service and prepare to steer your brand to new horizons.


The 12-Month Consulting Plan is available at $48,000 per year. You have the flexibility to be billed monthly, or pay the entire fee upfront for a discount. Please note that refunds are not available for this service. A termination policy is in place and will be reviewed upon signing. Any travel expenses incurred by either the client or Corey for the sessions are not included in this fee and will be billed separately to the client. By choosing the 12-Month Consulting Plan, you agree to these terms and express your commitment to business growth. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to partnering with you on your journey to success.