6 Month Plan

Experience a measured approach to brand growth with Corey’s 6-Month Consulting Plan.

This service offers a perfect balance of consultation and progress tracking with monthly meetings, presenting a budget-friendly and commitment-conscious solution for those testing the waters of brand development. Whether you’re a novice in the industry or a brand exploring new avenues, Corey’s half-year program provides the insights and strategies you need for success.

1. Half-Year Journey

Embark on a 6-month journey with Corey, featuring monthly 1-hour sessions to strategize and monitor the growth path of your brand.

2. Customized Progress Tracking

Receive personalized reports analyzing your brand’s progress, helping you understand and optimize your strategies.

3. Consistent Strategy Access

Enjoy the privilege of direct access to Corey for any queries or assistance throughout your journey.

4. Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Get connected to Corey’s network for unique industry insights and potential partnerships.

5. Budget and Commitment Friendly

This plan offers a more relaxed commitment for those exploring brand growth strategies and market trends.

6. Location Flexibility

Choose any location for your monthly meetings with Corey, ensuring your comfort and convenience.


Corey’s 6-Month Consulting Plan is an accessible, budget-friendly service designed to infuse steady growth into your business. With monthly strategy sessions and continuous guidance from Corey, your brand’s development will be on a stable and upward trajectory. This six-month partnership promises steady strategy evolution, networking opportunities, and the assurance of Corey’s constant support. Explore this balanced consulting service and set your brand on a progressive path.


The 6-Month Consulting Plan is available at a total of $21,000, with the flexibility of being billed monthly or paying upfront for a discount. Please note that refunds are not available for this service. Any travel expenses incurred by either the client or Corey for the sessions are not included in this fee and will be billed separately to the client. The same termination policy as the 12-Month Consulting Plan applies, which will be reviewed upon signing. By choosing the 6-Month Consulting Plan, you agree to these terms and confirm your commitment to growth and learning. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to accompanying you on your business journey.