Modern Day Mad Man

Corey Jeppesen

Modern Day Mad Man

Corey Jeppesen, the creative force behind Bahlr Media, LLC, is your ultimate partner in transforming your business into a powerful online brand. With over 15 years of marketing and branding excellence, Corey has a proven track record of catapulting businesses and individuals to their highest potential.

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“I was at a low point in my social media career when Corey gave me some sound advice. As a result, I was able to collaborate with a famous influencer who then featured me in some of his content. Not sure if I would have pulled the trigger if it weren’t for Corey’s encouragement.”

Adam Foote

“Corey Jeppeson is my GO TO for all things marketing! He just built the most amazing website for me and helped my personal brand grow to the next level! Very thankful for the entire Bahl media team! They are incredible to work with and have been a joy through and through!”

Erik Rock

“I’ve never seen anyone bring as much energy and work as hard for their clients as Corey does. He’s constantly pushing the boundaries, and the marketing value and expertise he provides is priceless.”

Kevin Graham